Viral footage: Crocodiles debunked as they invaded the Brazilian beach

Spinal numbness footage showing hundreds of crocodiles “invading” a sandy beach in South America has circulated online, but major questions have been raised.

The footage, first posted by user RAF_Valerie on Twitter on Tuesday, shows hundreds of large reptiles crammed into a beach as skinny as sardines.

The caption read: “In Brazil, crocodiles invaded a beach by several hundreds, even thousands, and the locals are in a panic. Are the animals worried about something? A volcano or earthquake is preparing?”

The footage quickly spread and garnered nearly 10 million views, raising questions about the legality of the crocodile’s “invasion”.

Fact-checking by online investigators, including news site NEWSWEEKThey have since captured the video, debunking it as a possible hoax.

NEWSWEEK He said that nearly every detail might, to some extent, be incorrect or distorted.

Quoting a Canadian zoologist, it is believed that many reptiles are not crocodiles at all, but rather caimans, more closely related to crocodiles.

As for the beach, lifestyle publisher PropibleRather than a “tourist beach,” the shots were actually from a river bank in Brazil’s Pantanal Wetlands.

“The viral video showing a ‘crocodile infestation’ in Brazil causing ‘panic’ among locals is just a fantastic nature video being mischaracterized.” Read the article.

And the footage is not new. It first appeared on Instagram, which was posted by the Brazilian fishing company Pantanal Pesca, about a month ago.

“I think there’s a little water in this alligator,” said the post translated into English – without worrying about recent posts.

As for the event, investigators claim, it’s nothing unusual.

The World Wildlife Fund says the Pantanal wetlands are home to nearly 10 million caimans, suggesting that a gathering of this size would not be uncommon.

There was no evidence to suggest any volcanic action or earthquakes in the area.

While the exact details about the video may not be entirely legitimate, the impressive spectacle still caught the attention of a million people in awe of the reptiles.

Someone joked, “They’re on vacation.”

“Beach day!” Post wrote.

Originally published as a horror scene on the riverbank during the “crocodile” invasion

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