Viral TikTok video: A man climbs the shelves at Woolies, Acacia Ridge

A Woollys customer captured for camera the moment a Queensland supermarket turned into chaos as a man climbed the aisles and refused to go down.

A viral TikTok video posted by user thundercatkara shows the shocking moment Acacia Ridge supermarket Woolworths is thrown into disarray.

The man is standing on the shelves and seems to move sporadically as he walks down the aisle.

He picks up a long piece of black material as he sways on the shelves.

“Wilson,” the man’s screams could be heard repeatedly.

It is unknown if he shouted the name of a friend or family member.

Then a Woolworths employee tells the woman she is filming that she cannot photograph inside the store.

The woman runs to another point and continues to photograph the man.

From there, the video captures two police officers standing near the man trying to persuade him to stand up.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said that due to the mental health aspects of the incident, it would be “inappropriate” for them to comment.

The man is swinging around a pole attached to the ceiling and trying to talk to the police.

However, it seems confused and confusing.

NCA Newswire was unable to reach Woolworths for comment.

Originally published as Viral video depicting a man climbing shelves in a Queensland supermarket

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