Virginia Walmart shooting: ‘Multiple deaths’ in horror attack

A gunman shot and killed several people at a Walmart store in the US state of Virginia, police and city officials said, adding that the shooter was also killed.

Local reports say as many as 10 people died in the tragedy.

“We were able to find several dead and injured,” Chesapeake Police Officer Leo Kosinski told reporters at the scene, adding that rapid response officers entered the store “immediately” upon arrival.

He added, “We believe it is a single shooter and the single shooter is dead at this time.”

The city of Chesapeake also said on Twitter that police “confirmed an active shooter incident involving fatalities at Walmart in Sam’s Circle.

“Our first responders are well trained and prepared to respond; please give them space to do so.

The staff said they knew the suspected shooter “very well,” but the suspect’s identity was not released.

News footage showed a large police presence at the scene, with Kosinski saying multiple officers and detectives were combing the store and securing the area.

The exact death toll remained unclear, but CBS affiliate WUSA said police said they believed no more than 10 people were killed.

Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas, who represents the district, said she was “extremely sad that the last mass shooting in America took place at my neighborhood Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia tonight.”

“I will not rest until we find solutions to end the epidemic of gun violence in our country that has taken so many lives,” she said on Twitter.

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