Weather warning: Dense fog engulfs Brisbane

Dense fog has engulfed Brisbane, causing traffic chaos on roads and in the sky, with motorists warning of ‘dangerous conditions’.

Road officials urged residents to drive with headlights on and leave extra space behind vehicles in thick fog that can be seen clearly from space.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a weather warning for Queenslanders on Tuesday amid thick fog that could be seen as high as 100 metres.

“The fog spreading over southeast Queensland is clearly visible from space,” the office said.

Helen Reed, a meteorologist with the bureau, said the fog, the densest she had seen “in a while,” was the most solid in cities such as Brisbane, Ipswich and the Bay Area.

“It is difficult for us to pinpoint exactly where the fog is due to the high-level clouds in north Brisbane,” she said.

“It’s weakening downstream but there is still a large portion of the bay right in the northeast and the city environment is still very strong.”

Ms Reed said the fog affected not only Brisbane but Darling Downs and areas in northern Queensland.

Fog is caused by “enough moisture in the air” after light showers on Monday and then clear skies in the afternoon making it cool enough to form fog.

The weather has caused chaos in the skies, as flights arriving into Brisbane have been diverted to regional airports such as Coolangatta, Mackay and Rockhampton.

As the fog continues throughout the morning, the diversion of incoming flights continues, while departing flights still take off.

People departing from Brisbane Airport and motorists in Brisbane have been warned of minor delays.

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