Weekend weather in Sydney, Melbourne: Flood fears with drift forecast

For days, weather watchers have been warning that this weekend is likely to be fainter in the east.

The saturated soil means that flooding is likely to include parts of Sydney.

There will be some relief from the rain after the weekend. But in weather news no one wanted to hear, meteorologists said more rain is falling and is set to bring a new wave of inundation next week.

“There is a little bit of uncertainty about exactly how this will happen, but unfortunately, it appears that the target area again is New South Wales and the Murray-Darling system as a whole,” said Rob Sharp, a meteorologist at Sky News Weather.

Officially the rainy year in Sydney since records began

The NSW soak was unprecedented – and it’s official now.

Heavy rains in La Nina that seemingly never end with the October rains have led to 2022 being the wettest year for Sydney since records began in 1858.

Since the new year, rain has fallen on the city’s main meteorological station by 2.2 meters. To put it more precisely, 2,213 mm of rain was recorded in the gauge Thursday afternoon, surpassing the previous highest amount of 2,194 mm in 1950, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) confirmed.

On Thursday, it was down 91mm in Sydney with 28mm on Wednesday and 18mm the day before.

There is more to come.

“As we move through Friday night into Saturday, there is a noticeable drying trend across the south of the country,” said Mr. Sharp.

“But a third rain band is coming, it will turn into a low pressure system, so we will see heavy rain for the rain event for many locations as it flows to the east.

Feel like winter

“It will also become very stormy and we could see a severe weather warning of damaging winds on Sunday.”

This cold, rainy weather will spread not only across New South Wales but also northern Victoria, southern Queensland and parts of Tasmania.

It wouldn’t really feel like spring, said Mr. Sharp, “it would almost feel like winter.”

The rain in Sydney may ease – but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s gone. Friday should still see a fall of up to 15mm over Harbor City and a possible thunderstorm.

Saturday morning may be drier but come afternoon and evening the flood begins again. Totals of 40-50mm are possible and then another 25-35mm on Sunday, with rain if it’s in the afternoon.

That goes up to 100mm from Friday to Sunday in Sydney.

Minor flooding has already occurred on the Hawkesbury River in Sydney and the Office of Emergency Operations has warned that more could happen. The fisherman, flowing through Newcastle, can blow its banks in places.

The high of 23 degrees Celsius on Saturday in Sydney will drop to 17 degrees Celsius on Sunday with a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius.

During Friday and weekend, Port Macquarie could see about 30mm of rain, Dubbo 80mm, Bourke 60mm and Bega 40mm.

Wollongong stared in 90-130 mm of humidity over the course of three very humid days.

Canberra will see showers and 15-25 mm of rain on Friday and then similar totals every day of the weekend. Temperatures can drop to a maximum of 14°C on Sunday and a minimum of 4°C.

More rain in sight

Just for a change, Monday and Tuesday should be dry and sunny across most of NSW. It’s not going to last, said Jonathan Howe, of the Met Office.

“The next system coming from the west will create areas of heavy rain mid-next week along the east.”

On Monday and Tuesday isolated falls up to 100mm are likely to hit southern Inland Queensland and eastern New South Wales.

It’s still early days but these weather systems generally move from west to east, so coastal areas should see more rain as next week progresses.

Back in the week it’s mostly dry in Brisbane, but about 5mm of rain could fall on Sunday. Fun spring hikes in the mid-20s are due.

Inland across southern Queensland, expect even more intense fall. St. George can see 20-35 mm between Friday and Saturday.

Townsville will be sunny with mercury in the low 30s.

In Melbourne, 15mm is the maximum rainfall on a Friday and then the rain stops. At least until later next week when some heavy rain can occur.

Cool in the Victorian capital with weekend highs of 15°C and lows of 5°C early Monday.

Some showers in Hobart on Friday and Saturday but not particularly heavy and should dry on Sunday. A high of 21°C on Friday will drop to 14°C on the weekend with a minimum of 5-8°C.

Rain on the north coast of Tasmania as Wynyard looked 15 to 20 mm on Friday.

Transient showers in Adelaide on Friday and then mostly dry through Tuesday. The highs and lows are in the mid-teens or about 7 degrees Celsius on a cloudy weekend.

Sunny with some clouds in Perth on Friday and into the weekend. Temperatures should rise from 20C on Friday to 23C on Saturday, but it will still be cold overnight with lows below 10C.

Windy in Darwin most days with 5-15 mm of rain and a maximum in the mid 30s.

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