What is financial literacy and why is it important? (video)

In this episode of Liberty Curious, Robert Wright, historian and chief research officer at AIER, joins Kate Wand to discuss his new book: Fearless: Wilma Seuss and the Forgotten Investor Movement in America.

Robert shares the fascinating story of Wilma Seuss as a self-made woman, journalist, PR pioneer, and activist who has dedicated her life to reforming corporate America. In the post-World War II era, with the Great Depression, Seuss transformed from a stock market skeptic into a tireless advocate for shareholders, working from the inside to change companies to better serve shareholders. Wilma was a staunch supporter of free markets and economic freedom, and believed that the private sector was the best way to achieve personal wealth, well-being, freedom, and the ultimate defense against collectivism.

See the full interview over here.

Kate Wand

Kate Wand is a content creator. Her focus is on social commentary and filmmaking. She is the host of the AIER Liberty Curios podcast.

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