When did illegal immigration become a republican issue?

Securing the border was once a partisan issue. National security, prior to the age of September 11, focused on keeping the United States’ borders secure and free from foreign invasion. There is a record number of illegal aliens crossing the US-Mexico border daily under the current Biden administration, which has no plans to stop this invasion. In fact, they seem to encourage and reframe it as a race or a human issue.

The video above is from former President Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union address. Preventing illegal immigrants from crossing into America was on the DNC’s radar at the time. It wasn’t considered a racial issue until recently. Clinton says that although America is a nation of immigrants, it is a nation of laws that must be protected. Under the Biden regime, this rhetoric would be considered far-right fascism. If you only publish copies of this speech, many will think that these words came from Trump. For a host of reasons, Bill Clinton wouldn’t stay long in Awakening America.

There is no plan to fix open borders. DeSantis and Abbott have tried to send immigrants to blue states where they support open borders without facing consequences. DeSantis caused a mass meltdown at Martha’s Vineyard when he sent a plane of illegal immigrants there, with voters claiming to be too tolerant. Within hours, the residents of Martha’s Vineyard had ordered the National Guard to clear out the unwanted. New York, Chicago, and DC are among the many blue cities that have turned away illegal immigrants despite voting for open borders.

Migration crisis reaches at least a $20 billion annual loss. Studies show that taxpayers spend $9232 annually to support open borders. This will have an absolute effect on everyone, Democrat or Republican, and should not be considered a Republican issue.

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