When is the Queen’s funeral? Where can I view it? | SBS News

On Monday, about 2,000 guests from all over the world will gather at Westminster Abbey for a party
The procession is expected to be watched by millions more on television or online.
In Britain, the funeral will feature 125 cinemas, while parks, town squares and cathedrals will set up projectors.

Here’s how to listen from Australia, and when it all will happen.

How can you watch and follow the procession?

Monday evening, from 7:30 p.m., AEST SBS main channel will switch to BBC coverage of The state funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
We will also be running a live blog on which will begin at 6:30pm EST.

When does the funeral procession begin?

The Queen’s stay in the country will end at 6:30am BST (3:30pm AEST), with the doors of Westminster Abbey opening before the funeral at 8:00am BST (5:30pm AEST).
At 10:44 GMT (7:44 PM AEST), the coffin will be carried from the Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey.

The coffin is due to arrive at Westminster Abbey at 10:52am (7:52pm AEST) and the funeral service will officially begin at 11:00am (8pm AEST).

The funeral service will end at around 12pm (9pm AEST), after the last post and two minutes of silence have been played. He will also play Revell, the national anthem, and a traditional elegy for the Queen.

What happens after the funeral ceremony?

At the conclusion of the funeral service, the Queen’s coffin – followed by King Charles III and senior royals – will be carried in procession to Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner, starting at 12:15pm (9.15pm AEST).
Big Ben will toss at one minute intervals.

The coffin will be flown to Windsor by state call, where it is expected to arrive shortly after 3pm (midnight AEST).

At 4pm (1am EST), the referral service will begin, attended by a smaller group of about 800 guests. It will end at around 4:45pm (1:45am AST).
The service will be run by Dean of Windsor David Conner with the blessing of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.
After that, the coffin will be lowered into the royal vault.
The queen will be buried with her At King George VI Memorial Chapel later in the evening at a special family service.

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