“Why didn’t anyone warn me?”: A Sydney man was shocked by the rodent problem in the area

A Sydney man has taken to social media to express his displeasure at an infestation of rats in the area where he claims he has bought a home.

Philip Jajou posted a video on TikTok showing mice scurrying through grass and a path into bushland in Coogee, where he said he bought a $3 million home.

“When you buy a $3 million house in Coogee, but no one told you about the rat problem,” he wrote.

“Why didn’t anyone warn me?”

It is unclear whether the rat footage was filmed on Mr Jago’s property or on public land.

Commentators have said that rats have been a feature of the Coogee area for decades, with one saying that they “thought this was common knowledge”.

Another wrote: “The Coogee rats are there whether you pay $700,000 or $7 million.”

One said he thought the homebuyer should have been notified of the rat issue by his real estate agent.

And they said, “If I paid $3 million for a house just to have the real estate agent not once remind me that it’s infested with rats, you can bet I’d lower the price.”

But others said Mr Jago should do his due diligence before buying the property.

“Didn’t you walk around the area at different times of the day before buying? It’s like buying a property worth 101,” said one commenter.

Randwick City Council has acknowledged that “a number of complaints” have been made regularly about insects and pests in the area.

On its website, the council said its officers could investigate complaints and provide advice on how to handle an invasion.

“Any invasion of private land will be the responsibility of the landowner or occupier to control by engaging the services of a licensed pest controller,” the council said.

“Rats and mice are generally active at night and are most commonly seen in late summer and early fall.”

NCA NewsWire has reached out to the Randwick City Council for comment.

Originally published as Coogee homeowner horrified after rats found near $3m ​​beachfront home

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