Why does the price of old coins rise?

Question: I went to the New York show and sat on it CNG Auction To see the Diocletian Medal. Your friend said you told him you thought he would make $750,000 against my $500,000 estimate. Well, he brought in $1.9 million to everyone’s shock. It seems that prices were generally double estimates on most things. I was curious if you would comment on that.



Answer: Yes I know. I was watching it online. I don’t know who the buyer or bidder is. One of the merchants told me that he was a collector. Ancient coins are on the rise because it is a global market. If you have American, British or German coins, naturally the best market is in those countries. However, when it comes to the ancients, there are buyers in China and Russia coming into the market as well as Americans and Europeans. Simply put, the ancients are a global marketplace because they bring history to life and much of history has been confirmed through coins.

Prices continued to rise even in the face of rising interest rates and the Fed’s attempt to cause a soft landing. The fact that these currencies are still rising sharply confirms what I’ve been warning our computer is doing Not We see another Great Depression and a total stock market crash. We are in this direction where money is simply trying to get out of the net.

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