Will Ferrell admits he brought fake testicles from “trainee brothers” to dinner parties

Will Ferrell’s plus-one at parties isn’t who (or what) you’d expect.

Tuesday appears onThis morningWith his “Spirited” co-star Octavia Spencer, the comedy icon became hilariously candid when the show’s hosts asked him if he kept any props from his movies.

“I have some interesting memorabilia from some of my films, but the main ones are, quite literally, from the Step Brothers — prosthetics, of some kind,” he admitted, according to HuffPost UK.

Will Ferrell stars in Spirited alongside Ryan Reynolds, which is set to release Friday on Apple TV+.

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Ferrell, 55, revealed that he happily kept his artificial testicles from the popular 2008 comedy.

It’s the same pair he’s made famous in the legendary scene where his character, 40-year-old Brennan, mercilessly rubs his testicles across the prized drum kit of fellow slacker Dale (John C. Reilly).

“Testicles I put on a drum kit. I bring them to dinner parties. I have a special box I keep,” added the longtime actor and producer.

The comedy, directed by Adam McKay and co-written by Ferrell, follows “two aimless middle-aged losers still living at home” who are “forced against their will to become roommates when their parents remarry,” according to the synopsis. The film stars Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, and Rob Riggle.

in conversation with “ringer” On the film’s 10th anniversary in 2018, Ferrell and the film crew looked back on the massive fun of the prop’s testicles. Ferrell, who has starred in more than 50 films, even declared the prosthetic appendix “one of my treasured keepsakes.”

You can catch Ferrell in Spirited alongside Ryan Reynolds, set for release Friday on Apple TV+.

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