wynk studio: launched Airtel Wynk Studio to support independent artists; Allocation of Rs 100 crore

Telecom launched Major Wynk Studios, a music distribution ecosystem for indie artists, which it has been working on for nearly a year. The studio enables artists to release their music and will monetize their music with them.

The company has set aside Rs 100 crore to boost local talent and launch 5,000 independent artists, a senior executive said. At the moment, more than 130 artists have signed up for the program.

“During our market research, we found the three biggest challenges that aspiring musicians face – lack of discovery, lack of transparency, and lack of monetization. We wanted to solve all of these issues,” Adarsh ​​Nair, CEO,

Tell Digital ET.

He said the Wynk Studio platform will allow aspiring musicians to pursue their passion and earn income at the same time. “Airtel’s music streaming expertise, ability to scale, and long-standing relationship with more than 350 million customers will ensure that all industry stakeholders enjoy an equal and rewarding journey. We are looking to attract talent from all over the world and expand the platform to include 5,000 artists in the next year from over of 130 artists currently,” Nair said.

The Indian music industry is going through an inflection point where Indians on average listen to music for about 21 hours per week, versus a global average of 18 hours. However, monetization has been a historic challenge, Nair said.

But things are changing now. Today, the industry is at Rs 2,000 crore and is expected to reach Rs 3,000 crore by 2025, a jump of 50%. We want to be a part of that growth.”

Interestingly, almost 30% of the top-performing songs across any music platform in India today are from independent artists and these independent artists.

On how Wynk Studio is helping artists, Nair explained that it will allow users to play their music directly on the Wynk Music app, which already has 75 million users. “Music will be shared with other music platforms as well, helping its discovery. This will help artists achieve record streams on competitive schedules by supporting our strong distribution capabilities. This ensures consistent earnings for artists on every stream, enabling them to advance their music careers.” .

The platform will also help artists use Airtel’s deep data science capabilities, to create music that their followers will enjoy and help them create commercially viable music.

Currently, Wynk Studio has hosted 130 artists on the platform from India, Singapore, and the United States. Among them is Professor Nishad Patki from Pune, a professor who quit his job to pursue his passion for music full time. Mumbai-based Prateek Gandhi (34 million streams), Bengaluru-based Gagan Baderiya (17 million streams); and Harsha Brown from Hyderabad (20 million streams).

Even artists from small towns like Haldwani (Ajay Nagarkoti) and

(D-Shaw) Got over a million streams each.

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